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The relBE family contains five two-component subfamilies: relBE, higBA (Christensen-Dalsgaard et al., 2010), yfeM-yoeB (Kamada et al., 2005), ygiTU(mgsAR) (Brown et al., 2009) and prlF-yhaV (Schmidt et al., 2007).
These five subfamilies are clustered together due to the sequence similarity and/or significantly similar tertiary folds of toxin proteins.

Click here to see the 3-D structure alignment of toxin proteins by using the tool FATCAT (Ye and Godzik, 2003).

# TA subfamily Toxin Antitoxin Toxin target Reference Notes
1 higBA HigB HigA mRNA cleavage [Translation] Tian et al, 1996
The toxin gene (higB) is located upstream from the antitoxin gene (higA) in the operon
2 relBE RelE RelB Ribosome [Translation] Gotfredsen et al, 1998
3 yefM-yoeB YoeB YefM N/D Christensen et al, 2004
Zhang et al, 2009
similarity to relBE
4 ygiTU (mqsAR) MqsR(YgiU) MqsA(YgiT) RNAs Kim et al, 2010
Kasari et al, 2010
MqsR causes reversible growth inhibition and elongation of E. coli cells
5 prlF-yhaV YhaV PrlF N/D Schmidt et al, 2007
PrlF and YhaV are homologs of MazE and RelE, respectively.