TA family: yeeUV
#OrganismLocus idToxinAntitoxinReplicon
1Escherichia coli IAI396015 ECIAI39_4243ECIAI39_4244NC_011750
2Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG16551042 experimental b2005b2004NC_000913

experimental Data derived from experimental literature
YeeU of the YeeUV(W) TA system appears to inhibit the toxicity of the YeeV toxin without directly binding to it. YeeU is believed to function as either a transcriptional or translational attenuator of YeeV expression, by binding to a short (~70 bp) nucleotide sequence between the yeeU and yeeV genes. [PMID: 14594833] [PMID: 20696400]
Conserved Domain

Crystal Structure Of YeeU From E. Coli. Northeast Structural Genomics Target Er304 [Structural Genomics, Unknown Function] [ PDB ID: 2H28] [PudMed:20696400]
Crystal structure of yeeU-like Q83JN9 from Shigella flexneri at high resolution. 94% of residues are identical to 2H28. Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium target SfR137. [ PDB ID: 2INW] [PudMed:20696400]
(1) Brown JM et al. (2003) A novel family of Escherichia coli toxin-antitoxin gene pairs. J Bacteriol. 185(22):6600-8.. [PudMed:14594833] experimental
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