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At the heart of TADB is this ‘Browse by organism’ page that provides a hyperlinked organized catalog of over 900 prokaryotic genomes with TA systems identified. TADB provides an web-interface, allowing users to view an entire genome’s TA loci repertoire within the context of the whole replicon and to access individual pages dedicated to each TA locus pair, toxin and antitoxin as required.

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Only TA-containing replicons are listed

#Repliconascending1descending1Taxonomy ID TApair numberascending2descending2
1Haemophilus ducreyi 35000HP chromosome233412 1
2Haemophilus influenzae 86-028NP chromosome281310 9
3Haemophilus influenzae PittEE chromosome374930 10
4Haemophilus influenzae PittGG chromosome374931 6
5Haemophilus influenzae Rd KW20 chromosome71421 9 [1 experimental]
6Haemophilus somnus 129PT chromosome205914 8
7Haemophilus somnus 2336 chromosome228400 9
8Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 chromosome349521 7
9Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 chromosome272569 6
10Halobacterium salinarum R1 chromosome478009 3
11Halobacterium salinarum R1 plasmid PHS2478009 2
12Halobacterium salinarum R1 plasmid PHS3478009 3
13Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 plasmid pNRC10064091 1
14Haloquadratum walsbyi DSM 16790 chromosome362976 10
15Halorhodospira halophila SL1 chromosome349124 10
16Helicobacter hepaticus ATCC 51449 chromosome235279 1
17Helicobacter pylori 26695 chromosome85962 4 [2 experimental]
18Helicobacter pylori HPAG1 chromosome357544 1
19Helicobacter pylori J99 chromosome85963 2
20Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1 chromosome498761 2
21Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans chromosome204773 3
22Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 chromosome316274 1
23Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 plasmid pHAU01316274 1
24Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04AAS1 chromosome380749 5
25Hyperthermus butylicus DSM 5456 chromosome415426 14
26Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444 chromosome228405 3
Total 131 [3 experimental]

experimental Number of TAs that are from experimental literatures