Corynebacterium glutamicum R chromosome, complete genome. chromosome

Genome size (bp) : 3314179
Link to NCBI Taxonomy Browser by Tax_id :340322
# TA INFO in replicon: NC_009342
1 2 cgR_0011 cgR_0012 - 11261..11730 phd-doc */RHH-Fic
2 2 cgR_1311 cgR_1312 - 1441788..1443358 hipBA */Xre-HipA
* : TA family predicted based on the TA domain pair using the relationship in Table S2

The further putative TA pairs predicted by RASTA-Bacteria .
Note: The RASTA-Bacteria algorithm utilises rpsblast search and typical characteristics of TA loci, such as a two-gene, co-directed module coding for small proteins, to identify TA hits. RASTA-Bacteria TA pair hits with one score >70% and the other > 60% were recorded by TADB, this strict cut-off yields broadly reliable TA candidates.